Now Authenticating Designer Items

Now offering Luxury Authentication Services to ensure every handbag has a fairy-tale ending!

Our team of fashion sorcerers, are experts in the art in detecting genuine craftsmanship from an imposter's touch. We stand as a guardian of authenticity, guaranteeing that each and every bag passing through our enchanted gates is genuine and true and we're delighted to offer this service to you too.

Once your designer item arrives at our castle, we wave our wand, and examine every intricate detail. We scrutinise fine stitches, exquisitse hardware, and luxurious materials, unraveling the secrets hidden with the seams of each and every item at a microscopic level.

And the best part? Our enchanting fairies grant you the whimsical gift of complimentary collection and return, straight from your doorstep! Oh, yes! If you happen to reside in the Brisbane Metropolitan area, our fairies will sprinkle their pixie dust and make transportation a breeze! So, sit back, relax, and let their wings do the work while you enjoy this delightful perk. It's like having your own personal couture courier service, straight out of a fairy tale!

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Brisbane based designer authentication service