The Best Designer Bag Trends of 2023

The Best Designer Bag Trends of 2023

A designer handbag is not like any other major investment – no, it is THE investment that you’re going to love for years to come. The best thing about a good luxury handbag is the fact that, for the money, it doesn’t depreciate in price, and if looked after, it can maintain its finish, look and shape as time goes on. Everyone wants an “IT” bag at least once in their life, and so many people will go to the ends of the earth to get their hands on one (or simply splurge with no regrets).

Fabulous staple luxury bags are designed in a manner that ensures their versatility, providing the opportunity to have them on your arm whether you’re in a t-shirt and jeans, or heading to an exclusive event. Their patterns, tones, stitching, and embellishments are what make these bags such staples within the fashion industry, having been carefully curated with the consumer in mind, whilst paying tribute to their own branding in such a meticulous and prideful way.

If you’re curious to know which designer bags were a major trend over this past year, or you want to make more of an informed decision on which staple to purchase (trust me, it never gets easier – it’s so hard to narrow down your choices), then this blog is going to act as the perfect guide. Or it’s going to completely enable you to buy that damn bag!

Designer Bag Trends

Revival of Retro

Although the times change at a constant rotation, retro designer bags make a comeback every single time. We all know how much influencers, YouTubers, and lovers of fashion dote a stunning lux retro, from a mini Prada bag to the Jackie by Gucci – we love to live in the 90s and 00s again. Let’s go back to our Gossip Girl days. Spotted: The Fendi medium baguette boasting a monochromatic jacquard fabric and it’s ever so classic FF motif. We know how every it-girl and boy wants their own it-bag – and this is one that’s sported on the arm of many.

Iconic Classics

Hard to get your hands on but known for being an asset on first ladies to heiresses (note: Paris Hilton, Tiffany Trump, Petra Ecclestone), iconic classics between CHANEL, Hermès, and Dior are yes, worth a lot, but can be worn from casual to charity ball. It’s no secret that classic handbags like the Birkin, CHANEL 2.55 and the Lady Dior bag come at a solid price range, some even climbing to an eye-watering $200k, but people go out of their way to save or splurge on these statement investments.

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Branded Monogram

For years, luxury brands have made a mark and built reputations based on their monogram designs. Think Guess, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Dior, the list continues to grow; an area where this is the most prominent, are handbags. For years, even since the beginning of most of these fashion houses, celebrities, models, prominent public figures, politicians and personalities have held these monogram bags day-to-day. Consider the interlocking L and V of Louis Vuitton bags, designed by his son Georges Vuitton, has lasted a stunning 120 years in the luxury fashion and design industries.

Designer Totes

Even if you haven’t owned one before, everybody needs a classic designer tote in their collection. It doesn’t matter what you have planned or where you’re going, nothing is easier than throwing your essentials into a staple tote bag and going on your way. While it may feel foreign to carry a larger bag around on your shoulder, the unparalleled convenience is going to end up feeling completely unmatched for you. Think: Christian Dior bag tote in that delicious monogram branding, or the simple Saint Laurent for complete outfit convenience. If you’re someone that likes a touch of pattern, obscurity and uniqueness, the Gucci 1955 Horsebit tote bag is also a fabulous and well worth it investment.

Luxury Bags We Saw in 2022

Dior Saddle Bag

Allegedly silhouetted after a Helmut Newton photograph, Saddle I, was and is still an attention-grabbing piece with a dash of sexy. After it became Carrie Bradshaw's favourite accessory on Sex and the City, the Dior Saddle bag had made its mark and cemented its place in fashion, the media, runways, and magazines all over the world. Boasting a gorgeous range of designs from the classic and chic monogram to a western styled leather finish, it became the perfect staple for any wardrobe throughout 2022.

Chanel 22

The cutting edge and completely fashion-focused Chanel 2022 became one of this years most popular tote bags, rolling out a gorgeous and considerate selection of finishes. Although the classic flap Chanel bags have always been the brands staple, we’ve moved forwards to a sack and draw-string style (bringing along with it the infamous chain that we see on so many Chanel handbags), leaving the mini bag behind. The 22 doesn’t just come in a variety of leather finishes like you’ve seen, with something bright yet rich for any personality type, but it’s offered in Chanel’s in-demand tweed and fabric, as well as sequin.

Saint Laurent Le 5 á 7 Shoulder Bag

If you fell in love with the popular crescent-shaped shoulder bags that so many brands offered the world over the course of this year, then you'd have well appreciated the Le 25 à Shoulder Bag from industry veteran, Saint Laurent. This gorgeous bag was seen on international style powerhouses such as Zoe Kravitz, with the classic YSL embellishment sitting front and centre – as it should. The chic 90s/00s inspired silhouette of the Saint Laurent bags makes it the perfect going out bag yet works to dress up even the most rudimental outfits – bringing us that modern revival of Y2K imagery and simplicity is never a failing attempt.

Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie

If you prefer more of a mini over a classic or new-wave, reimagined design, the Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie would have been your best friend. While Bottega’s cassette and pouch bags built the brands reputation and lived as a long standing staple, 2022 saw the Mini Jodie (with the signature woven leather Intrecciato) become Bottega’s most popular bag yet, boasting such a stunning and poised design. Sitting at the lower end of the price scale, this specific bag has been offered in such a striking array of colour palettes, meaning there is a colour for every occasion, every fit, and every personality.

Balenciaga Le Cagole

The Balenciaga Le Cagole bag, displaying it’s croissant-shaped design and based on the brands iconic city/motorcycle bag, had become such a popular accessory throughout 2022. More so as an ode to Y2K fashion, thanks to the brands wave of cult followers, it’s throw-back resurgence has been seen on the arm of celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Alexa Demi, Rhianna, and Kim Kardashian (just to name a small few). Paying tribute to THE year of fashion, music, and culture, the Le Cagole strikes all the makings of the noughties. Thanks to it’s cushy leather and crescent silhouette, it’s able to be worn both on the arm, and as a shoulder bag.

The good news us, so many luxury bags are re-imagined for a new and upcoming season, allowing consumers to enjoy their favourite staples in a brand-new way, providing that luxe feeling of buying your brand-new designer all over again. The best part? As time goes on, luxury bags generally appreciate in value, meaning re-homing that beloved CHANEL in your closet is a blessing in disguise – second hand designer bags can be a true godsend, and gives someone else the opportunity to adore that stunning piece of luxury as you move onto the next hottest item on your bag bucket list!

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