Our Enchantments are our deeply held beliefs that help unlock the door to boundless possibilities. Whether you're seeking a designer item at a wickedly affordable price, a magical touch of enchantment to brighten your day, or a spark of inspiration to elevate your style, step into our world of wonder. Let us embark on a journey together, where enchantment knows no limits!

The confidence to be the lead in your own life.

We believe everyone deserves to play the role of the princess, prince, or princus in their own fairy tale. Embrace the confidence to take the lead in your own life's story, where you are the protagonist. By infusing a touch of magic into your day-to-day, life becomes even more enchanting and our pre-loved designer items are the pixie dust you need to conquer the world!

We're your loyal sidekick.

We are here to support you on your journey towards living stylishly ever after. Consider us your faithful sidekick, always by your side. Just like Flounder was to Ariel, we'll be your loyal encourager and unexpected saviour, sprinkling a little humour along the way.

What you see is really what you get.

Much like transformations in fairy tales, appearances can often be deceiving in the realm of pre-loved fashion. A prince may become a beast, a witch may disguise herself as a princess, and a bag could turn out to be counterfeit. But fear not! At Twice Upon a Time, what you see is what you get. All that glitters is truly gold, and all the bags are real – it's our guarantee.

Beauty is found in the imperfect.

Taking inspiration from Belle's wisdom, we know better than to judge a book purely by its cover because true beauty always lies beyond the surface. Embracing the profound philosophy of wabi-sabi, we honour the imperfect and cherish the unique. After all, flaws and battle scars are a part of our human experience, and who among us doesn't have them?!

Good always triumphs over evil.

We embrace the eternal triumph of good over evil. With unwavering optimism, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing the world's beauty by transforming fashion fantasies into reality and infusing everyday life with enchantment. We champion the power of good design and utilise it to promote positive change. After all, conscious selection of timeless pre-loved pieces enables us to cherish them now and forevermore.