Luxury Authentication Service

As a trusted and verified luxury goods reseller, every Twice Upon a Time bag is guaranteed authentic and comes with a globally recognised Certificate of Authenticity as standard and at no extra cost.

But, do you find yourself in need of unveiling the magic of your own designer items? Fear not! Turn to Twice Upon a Time, where our whimsical powers extend beyond our splendid collection.

Like fairy godmothers of authenticity, we're overjoyed to offer our Luxury Authentication Services as a standalone marvel. For those who possess their own designer items and seek the reassurance of authenticity, we can sprinkle our magic upon these treasures, verifying their enchanting origins and providing you with a globally recognised Certificate of Authenticity.

Why You Should Authenticate Your Designer Item

Our fashion fairies tell us that a staggering 80 percent of the enchanting designer items that grace the eyes of unsuspecting buyers are nothing more than clever counterfeits. However, in this whimsical world, the trained eye holds a mystical power, aided by wondrous advancements in microscopic and AI technology. With this expertise, our magical guardians can detect impostors with an astonishing accuracy of over 99 percent.

Sellers, keen on granting peace of mind to their enchanted customers when parting ways with their cherished treasures, can now offer a guarantee with our Luxury Authentication Service. The assurance of authenticity is a magical charm, drawing buyers closer to their desires. And for those who seek to privately sell their precious designer wares, having them expertly authenticated proves to be a boon of immense proportions!

The benefits are enchanting, indeed! A professionally authenticated item has the power to enthrall potential buyers, leading to swifter transactions and informed purchasing decisions. Once authenticated, a splendid reward awaits the seller - a globally recognised Certificate of Authenticity.

Adorned with affordability and imbued with added value, our Luxury Authentication Service, brings ease and confidence to your buyers, for they can now embark on their purchasing quests with joy in their hearts, knowing they are acquiring genuine treasures.

Brands We Authenticate

We currently offer our Luxury Authentication Services for the following brands: Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Celine, CHANEL, Chloe, Christian Dior, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Goyard, Gucci, Hèrmes, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, MCM, Prada, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo and Valentino.

Luxury Authentication Service Brisbane

Authenticating Vintage Items

Our powers area not limited to the present, for they also embrace the vintage wonders of yesteryear. We can delve into the past, also offering assessment of vintage items as cherished relics of a bygone era.

In rare instances, where where we are unable to authenticate your item due to the ravages of age (such as deterioration and item quality.), we will provide a full refund of the authentication price.

With our promise of refund in hand, any disappointed seekers of authentication can be comforted, knowing that their cherished item will be returned safely, like a lost slipper being reunited with its rightful owner, with complimentary return for Brisbane Metropolitan customers.

The Authentication Process

With a wave of our wand and a sprinkle of fairy dust, Twice Upon a Time uncovers the truth behind exquisite creations. We carefully examine every stitch and inspect every clasp, unlocking the secrets of the item's heritage.

As experts in distinguishing real from fake, we put all items through a thorough two-factor authentication process. Once we have received your item, we conduct an expert in-house assessment of your item then refer your item to our third-party partner, to conduct a secondary authentication review.

In rare instances where we dispute the outcome with our authentication partner, a third review is conducted at no additional cost. Where this happens, we will keep you updated on progress and timeframes. Your item will be re-assessed and we will receive a revised outcome and provide this to you.

And once the authentication spell is complete, we present the findings to the proud owner, delivering the gift of certainty and confidence.

How Long Authenticating Take

Our fashion fairies are currently processing items within three business days for standard items and five business days for Hérmes branded items.

Our Authentication Costing

Standard Luxury Authentication Service costs $45 AUD per item. Hèrmes Authentications cost $95 AUD per item.

How Items Are Assessed During Authentication

We unravel the mysteries, examining the delicate stitches, ensuring they are as flawless as the seams of a princess's gown.

Meticulously, we examine the enchanting serial numbers and codes, seeking hidden messages that only the keenest eyes could decipher. Certificates adorned with ethereal symbols are studied, each containing a story of its own. Hardware is scrutinised and materials inspected. With their masterful workmanship, we also uncover unique identifiers, like mystical symbols that whispered tales of their origins. Wielding microscopic technology through the looking glass of enchantment, we seek harmony with the standards set by the creators themselves.

Discovering an Inauthentic Item

We understand the woes that befall our dear customers when they learn that an item they hold dear has been deemed counterfeit. We share in their disappointment and empathise with their frustration. As keepers of truth, we always endeavor to shed light on the reasoning behind our solemn conclusion.

In this magical land, where counterfeits hold no sway, there are two paths that lie ahead. Either your precious item shall be laid to rest, banished forever in a sacred ritual of destruction. Or, if you so desire, we shall return it to you, enabling you to do so. Choose wisely, for counterfeits are an abomination in the eyes of the kingdom! In any case, we hope to guide you through this turbulent journey, restoring faith in the authenticity that lies within.

Sending Your Designer Item to Our Expert Team

We offer complimentary item collection and return services to Brisbane Metropolitan customers.

If you're located outside of this enchanting zone, you can use the kingdoms carrier pigeon (aka Australia Post), to transport your item directly to us at:

Twice Upon a Time Bags
PO Box 2427
New Farm, QLD Australia 4005

We recommend purchasing additional insurance, if you choose to post to us.

Find Out More About Our Luxury Authentication Service

Feel free to email our fairy godmothers of authenticity at if you have any further queries.