Can I request a certain brand or designer item?

Our whimsical e-boutique offers a thoughtfully curated selection of pre-loved contemporary and vintage designer items, gathered in exclusively limited drops. Within the mystical virtual walls of our darling store, one can find all sorts of treasures. From bygone eras to modern marvels, every item holds a story waiting to be discovered.

However, it is within this enchanted realm, that the early bird catches the most enchanting worm. Yes, dear seeker of beauty, it truly is a case of 'first in, best dressed'! For those who arrive with a dash of haste are always rewarded with the most coveted treasures.

Yet fear not, for the Fairy Godmothers of Fashion who preside over this wondrous place are not only kind but also they also possess the power to grant the occasional wish. If your heart longs for a particular designer item, we can often weave our magic to make it happen. We will try to traverse the far reaches of the fashion kingdom, searching high and low, to source the object of your dreams. No mountain too high, no river too wide, for our dedication to fulfilling wishes knows no bounds.

So, take heart and pen your desires to the Fairy Godmothers of Twice Upon a Time at wishlist@twiceuponatime.com.au, sharing the brand name, ideal model type, and your budget. Let us wave our magic wands and bring forth the object of your longing, so you too can bag your happily ever after!

Do you guarantee authenticity?

We are no ordinary online store, but a whimsical emporium filled with enchanted treasures. And oh, how we want our customers to have peace of mind and experience the joy of finding genuine treasures!

Unlike those sneaky luxury resellers who dare to charge extra for authenticating their precious goods (or worse, don't offer the service at all - *GASP!*), we offer a different approach. We believe in fairness and enchantment, offering an authenticity guarantee on every single handbag. And guess what? We do it all for free!

Once passed our thorough in-house inspection, items are whisked away to a land of marvels, where state-of-the-art technology and skilled experts join forces. We have a special partnership with the legendary Entrupy, who possesses highly advanced and scientifically proven software. Together, we work our magic to authenticate every item.

Stitching, certificates, hardware, materials, serial numbers, and codes, oh my! Every little detail is carefully scrutinised during this authentication process. With an eagle eye for quality and a knack for uncovering unique identifiers, our experts leave no stone unturned, for we are determined to ensure that each item is truly genuine.

But the tale does not end there! Once items are thoroughly reviewed and verified as authentic, a magical Certificate of Authenticity is conjured. This certificate, bearing the seal of an independent, globally recognised expert in authentication, accompanies the treasured item on its journey to its loving new home.

So, fear not, for every item that graces the virtual shelves of this marvelous store have been rigorously examined, and authenticity guaranteed by a trusted, third party expert. See? Fairy tales do come true in the world of authentic treasures

Do you offer consignment?

While most luxury resellers rely on consignment or the generosity of peers, our charming e-boutique possesses an extraordinary secret. We own all our exquisite items outright, as if each treasure was a precious gem bestowed upon us by fairy godmothers.

To ensure the utmost delight, ease, and tranquility for our cherished customers, we are discerning in selecting the most enchanting items to grace our virtual shelves. However, if you possess an authentic designer bag, one that has been lovingly cared for and in excellent condition, we will gladly consider giving it a new purpose. All you have to do is send us an expression of interest, and like benevolent fairies themselves, we might even offer to purchase it outright from you, bestowing upon it a new life and a new journey.

Do you offer returns?

As with all fairy tales, not everything is always as perfect as it seems. Although love at first sight is a common occurrence in this whimsical world, it does not always guarantee a happily ever after.

As kind-hearted merchants at Twice Upon a Time, we believe in honesty and transparency. We provide detailed and truthful product descriptions, accompanied by a globally recognised authenticity guarantee. Because of this, all sales are considered final, and refunds are not possible due to a simple change of heart.

We are upfront about the condition of our items. After all, these bags and accessories have already lived through their own magical adventures. As we specialise in vintage items, there will be wear and tear here and there, and its crucial for you to manage you own expectations in this regard.

Given the tremendous demand and the unique non-consignment model of Twice Upon a Time, its your responsibility to carefully read the product descriptions and examine the detailed photographs before making a purchase. These descriptions and images are a vital part of the item's story, providing an accurate and up-to-date portrayal.

Nevertheless, our enchanting store is not without compassion. If, by any chance, you receive an item that falls short of expectations, or if you believe that the condition has not been fully disclosed or accurately described, a glimmer of hope remains. Reach out to us by sending an email to support@twiceuponatime.com.au. The diligent team will respond promptly, eager to discuss the matter further and find a resolution fit for a fairy tale ending.

So remember, in this enchanting world, it is wise to tread carefully and let your eyes be your guide as you embark on your own journey through the realm of pre-loved wonders.

How are your items so affordable?

Designer products are adorned with exquisite craftsmanship, and they hold the power to make hearts skip a beat. Alas, they are often accompanied by premium price tags, leaving many unable to afford them.

Pre-loved handbags and accessories offer a delightful alternative for those yearning to possess designer treasures. Our items have already been loved and cherished by others, and now they seek new owners who can appreciate their beauty and help them write a new chapter.

When whispers of our biggest kept secret of being priced as low as $199AUD* is revealed, it always causes excitement to ripple through the land, as people realise that their designer dreams are finally within reach. As you can now own these high-quality, luxury handbags without paying the full retail price.

We exist in the digital realm, without a physical store or pricey commercial offices. This not only saves the people money but also helps protect the wondrous environment we cherish. By reducing our carbon footprint, this kingdom helps keep our commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the magical world around us.

Within this mystical realm, the pricing of the pre-loved designer handbags is unparalleled. We offer discounts of up to 80 percent off the recommended retail prices. The fairies of fashion, with their infinite wisdom, ensure that everyone can experience the joy of owning a genuine luxury designer bag without breaking their precious purses.

And so, rejoice as you enter this enchanted land of pre-loved designer fashion. With a sprinkle of fairy dust and a stroke of your keyboards, you too, can embark on a magical journey of finding your perfect handbag companion. In this tale of fashion and dreams, everyone has the chance to feel like royalty, carrying a piece of elegance and allure wherever you go.

And we all live stylishly ever after!

How can I maintain my handbag?

To safeguard the eternal charm of your enchanting new treasure, we've bestowed upon you a collection of whimsical care instructions, befitting a tale spun in the realm of fairies. Behold! The secrets to preserving your splendid handbag which can be found here.

Generally, it's advisable to store your dearly beloved in a dust bag or in its original box. Keep it away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, and handle it with care and clean hands to avoid any potential damage.

With our whimsical guidelines bestowed upon you, may your magical handbag or accessory grace your presence, shimmering with eternal allure, through many a tale yet to be told.

How can I tell the condition of the items?

The items within this magical emporium bear the visible marks of their journey, as time had touched them gently or with a more demanding hand. For you see, these pre-loved treasures wear their stories upon their very surfaces, turning flaws into badges of honour and charm.

Now, let us unveil the code that can unravel the mysteries of their condition, allowing you to choose your companion wisely:

PRISTINE: Exquisite beings, although pre-loved they are in mint condition, like newborn stars, with only the faintest whispers of visible flaws. Their radiance can rival that of a summer's dawn.

EXCELLENT: Although pre-loved, their beauty still vibrant, their journeys marked by gentle caresses of use only. A few minute flaws adorn them, as delicate as petals kissed by a passing breeze.

GOOD: Bearing some visible flaws that spoke of shared adventures. They wear signs of wear with grace, like brave warriors donning their battle scars.

FAIR: Signs of wear are bold and unmistakable. Their visible flaws and defects dance gracefully upon their surfaces, singing tales of a life fully lived, like weathered storytellers imparting wisdom to all who would listen.

So, venture forth with open eyes and an open heart, for within these virtual walls lie treasures that transcend perfection. Each visible flaw shall guide you towards a bag that possesses a unique character, a tale waiting to be shared.

May your quest be filled with wonder and may you find the perfectly imperfect companion to join you on your own magical journey.

Is the product list price negotiable?

Our wondrous place, known far and wide, for its ability to make designer dreams come true without emptying one's purse. Here, the pricing fairy holds sway. With guaranteed authentic designer items sparkling like jewels, starting from a mere $199 AUD*, our costs are as competitive as a knight in shining armour. With her keen eye and mystical powers, our pricing fairy ensures that every item possesses a price that is not only fair but a reflection of their worth in the market, while taking into account the age, quality, condition, and the whispers of popularity that surround them.

What are your delivery times?

In the enchanting zone of Brisbane Metropolitan, we offer a wondrous free same day delivery to our customers for all items purchased before 2pm AEST. It's a gift bestowed upon those who desire swift fulfillment of their wishes. We go beyond mere delivery, we personally meet our customers, ensuring an unforgettable Instagram-worthy moment, complete with our pink Pixie van.

For the rest of Australia, there's still enchantment in the air. Orders placed by 12pm AEST on weekdays are be dispatched on the next business day, ready to embark on their journey to fulfill dreams. The store entrusts the mighty Australia Post to ensure the safe passage of these precious treasures. Each shipment carries the power of tracking and requires a signature upon delivery. We can deliver to your  humble abode or place of work, however we cannot send our packages to PO boxes or parcel lockers.

For those in faraway realms, international shipping is available. A flat fee of $45 AUD grants them passage for their desired treasures. The store entrusted the express international post, ensuring swift travels with a required signature upon delivery. However, it is the responsibility of international buyers to bear any additional costs, such as the taxes levied by their own kingdoms. The international items are promptly shipped within 24 hours of receiving cleared payment, and their journey could take up to 14 days, as they venture through lands and crossed great seas to reach their new owners.

What do I receive with my purchase?

It's our heartfelt desire to include a piece of the original proof of purchase with our treasures. This could be the ethereal original packaging, an authenticity card that whispers its secrets, a receipt of purchase that held the story of its acquisition, or even a designer dust bag that cradles the dreams of its previous owner. Alas, in the realm of pre-loved and vintage bags, there are occasions where these precious remnants of history are elusive wisps, slipping through our grasp.

Fear not, for in those moments, we endeavour to bring a touch of magic to your experience. We weave spells of delight by offering our custom-branded complimentary dust bags. Though not of the original realm, bestowed upon you as a gift, to protect and cherish your newfound treasure.

Alongside your treasure, we present a mystical swing tag, easily detached and transformed into a whimsical bookmark. This can accompany you on wondrous journeys, guiding you through the pages of your most cherished fairy tales.

All these treasures are ever so tenderly wrapped, within a secure mailer box or an eco-friendly mailer, awaiting the moment they are uncorked as a genie from his lamp. And let us not forget, everything is always tinged with the promise of pink.

Now, let us dispel any doubts that may cloud your mind. The absence of original packaging does not diminish the authenticity of your chosen bag. Rest assured, each treasure a tangible bears a globally recognised Certificate of Authenticity. This serves as a testament to its genuine nature, bestowed upon you without any additional cost.

What does the bag/strap measurement refer to?

Please refer to our Handbag Size Guide to understand the handle/strap drop measurements which can always be found in the product description drop down under 'Measurements'.

designer handbag size guide

What is 'Circular Fashion'?

In a land where fashion reigns supreme, there is a magical concept called Circular Fashion. It's a commitment to closing the loop on production, ensuring that every step, from creation to use and even the end of life, is done responsibly and ethically. This enchanting idea supported the slow fashion movement, offering a pre-owned alternative to fashion.

Sustainability is a growing concern for all the lands, even in the luxurious world of fashion. People yearn for a way to be more mindful of the Earth while still indulging in their love for style. Buying pre-loved designer items is a noble and sustainable choice. It embraces the magic of circular fashion, where nothing is wasted and everything finds a new purpose.

Each pre-loved item we possess has a unique tale to tell, having been a part of someone's life before finding its way to you. These bags hold the secrets of past adventures and dreams, waiting to embark on new journeys. The enchanted sellers of our items were overjoyed to assist in writing the next chapter of these magical stories. By purchasing these treasures, one not only adorns themselves with beauty but also becomes a guardian of the Earth, helping make it a more sustainable and harmonious place.

What is 'Founders Keepers'?

From time to time, our Founder, occasionally parts with some of her most coveted personal possessions, from the realm of her own charming castle. These magnificent items, are highly sought-after by all who yearn for a touch of elegance in their lives. Whispers of their arrival spread like fairy dust through the kingdom, and those with a keen eye know to look for the special 'Founders Keepers' tag. Others, guided by the mystical powers of Instagram, would discover these treasures as IG Exclusives.

But one must be swift, for these extraordinary items vanish into the hands of their new owners with the blink of an eye. So, keep your eyes wide open, may luck be on your side, and may you find yourself amidst the spellbinding beauty of the Founder's Keepers collection, for it holds the power to transform dreams into reality.

What payment options are available?

You can acquire our delightful treasures through the wondrous means of AMEX, ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

We also proudly offer a 'buy now, pay later' payment solution via Afterpay allowing you to pay for your glorious item over 4 interest-free instalments, and with no late fees when you pay on time.

Still have a question?

If you have any further queries or need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us at support fairies at support@twiceuponatime.com.au or submit a form under the 'Connect' tab.