Introducing Pixie

Fashionistas, handbag lovers, and car enthusiasts unite!

Our eye-catching van decked out in dazzling pink, is now rolling through the bustling Brisbane city streets delivering the magic of our pre-loved designer bags directly to your doorstep. With fashion flair and a touch of nostalgia, we're taking luxury fashion to a whole new level!

Purchasing pre-loved items shouldn't deprive you of the exhilaration that comes with a magical shopping experience. No ordinary couture courier, Pixie is a fashion statement in and of herself, capturing the essence of fun and glamour in showstopping style that leaves onlookers awestruck!

If you live within the Brisbane Metropolitan area, once your order is placed, we'll coordinate a delivery time that allows you to strike a pose for the 'gram alongside Pixie.

Stay tuned to our socials to see Pixie painting the town pink and if you catch her out and about, don't forget to snap a pic and tag us via social media for a chance to be featured 💕👜🚐

Twice Upon a Time Pink Minivan

For the Rev-Heads

One of only four of her kind in Australia (at last count), this little van has travelled all the way from Nagoya, Japan, braving the mighty Pacific Ocean during an epic eight month journey. And let us tell you, she's worth every nautical mile!

Handpicked for her impressive efficiency and economy, Pixie is a Japanese 'Kei' (keijidōsha, which translates to 'light automobile') car, with a tiny yet mighty 660 CC three cylinder engine. She's equipped with an automatic transmission, eliminating the need for her lady owner to manually shift gears while she's busy ogling Brisbane street fashion.

Now, let's talk about Pixie's glow-up. We couldn't resist paying homage to those delightful ice cream trucks of yesteryear. After all, we specialise in vintage designer fashion, so why not celebrate the nostalgia? With her fresh vinyl wrap in that iconic Barbie shade of pink and her white glitter roof, Pixie radiates old school charm. And to complete the look, we've added classic white wall tires because, well, they have never gone out of style.

But Pixie's uniqueness doesn't stop there. We've given her a Mini Cooper style front end, making her the only one of this particular design in the country. It's like she's wearing a vintage outfit, perfectly matching the luxury handbags and fashion items she'll be transporting around South East Queensland. Talk about supporting the circular fashion economy in style!

Now, let's step aboard and explore Pixie's custom interior. Her seats boast a custom white diamond quilted stitch, accented with delicate pink trimming. And remember, we're all about the details, so we've even incorporated a fully operable CHANEL-inspired handbag in the driver's side wall card, to accommodate her owners items. It's like driving in a fashionista's dream!

Pixie's interior is a treasure trove of whimsy. From the love heart-shaped steering wheel which adds a touch of romance (one of many grand gestures from the beloved husband), to the custom-designed handbag hooks on the interior arched walls to keep her precious cargo safe and sound. And if that's not enough, behold the mini chandelier, casting a romantic glow on all our precious fashion finds. Pixie truly is a 'wardrobe on wheels,' ready to deliver in style and elegance wherever she goes. And if you spy Pixie under moonlight, you're in for a real treat as she lights the night sky in neon pink.

So, hop on board this one-of-a-kind Pink Lady and let Pixie whisk you away into a world of fashion, nostalgia, and pure joy. She's the ultimate fashion fairy, ready to spread her magical charm throughout the land.

Don't miss your chance to experience the enchantment firsthand! Be sure to stop and say hello when you see her out and about, we're only too happy to give you a tour or you can simply #EatOurPixieDust.

Jacara and her pink van

The Players

We are incredibly grateful to all the local suppliers who have helped bring Pixie to life:

Import Management: Sunny Imports
Interior Upholstery (inc. custom Chanel-inspired bag, dash, walls, carpet and ceiling): Stitched By Design
Vinyl Wrap and Signage: House of Wraps
Mechanical including Under-glow: Trust an honest mechanic with Kashy
Metal Work: Kip Mcintyre
Parts Importer: JDM Parts Ruperwrecht
Custom Extinguisher: BlownOut Customs
Car Photography: Mitch Bernados (Aired)
Special Mention: To the Prince Charming of a husband, who is not only an exceptional Project Manager but also a best supporter of his wife's dreams.