A Tale as Old as Time...

Once upon a time, in a land steeped in magic and wonder, there lived a young girl named Jacara. She twirled and danced with joy in her grandmother's mystical dressing room, a place where dreams took shape. Her grandmother, the talented dressmaker Lorna Joyce, spun silken threads into vibrant tapestries destined to adorn the majestic figures of princesses and princes alike. Each creation was a masterpiece that etched its mark upon Jacara's heart, a special land that she would cherish forevermore.

But Jacara's world expanded beyond her grandmother's realm. Her mother introduced her to a hidden treasure trove, a realm where abandoned garments and pre-loved items found new life. It was a magical place where forgotten pieces transformed into thrifted gems, becoming the protagonists of their own fairy-tale sequels.

Inspired by the wonders she encountered, Jacara ascended to her tower, her own haven of dreams. Within its walls, she carefully amassed a splendid collection of designer fashion treasures. Word spread like wildfire, and friends and strangers flocked from near and far to marvel at the wonders she had gathered.

Yet, confined by the monotony of the 9-to-5 dungeon, Jacara yearned for more.

With unwavering resolve, she declared once and for all, "I shall break free and be surrounded by boundless beauty!"

And thus, Twice Upon a Time was born.

Blessed to have found her happily ever after, complete with a dashing prince, a loyal furry sidekick, and an extensive array of designer treasures, Jacara embraced her newfound freedom. She embarked on a grand adventure, traversing the globe to source pre-loved items from every corner of the earth. Her mission was simple yet profound—to bring liberation, joy, and a sprinkle of fashion magic from her castle to yours.

Now, Jacara, a corporate escapee-turned-purveyor of enchantment, spends her days curating collections that transcend time. Each piece holds a story, a whispered tale of beauty and resilience. With every stitch, she weaves a tapestry of freedom, inviting all who encounter her creations to dance with the magic that resides within.

For in this extraordinary place, where past and present intertwine, the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and every wearer becomes a living testament to the limitless possibilities of a world draped in elegance and wonder.