Authenticity Guarantee

Did you know that around 80 percent of designer handbags in circulation are nothing but clever imitations? My oh my, how these counterfeit goods have multiplied like magic, with their numbers soaring by a remarkable 10,000 percent over the span of just two decades, as recounted by The Guardian.

Counterfeit designer bags are one of the most commonly seized items confiscated by border patrol agents in Australia so we understand the importance of authenticity when it comes to these timeless treasures. That's why we proudly provide an unwavering authenticity guarantee. We meticulously curate our inventory, hand-selecting ounique and coveted vintage and pre-loved pieces that capture the nostalgia and allure of bygone eras. Our team is well-versed in the intricate details and craftsmanship of each item, ensuring that every piece we offer is genuine and authentic.

Authenticity Guarantee

At Twice Upon a Time, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to authenticity. Unlike ordinary resellers; we possess a special power to globally guarantee the authenticity of every handbag we sell, without any additional cost. Oh, what a wondrous promise!

Rest assured, all our designer items have been thoroughly vetted and authenticated, ensuring that what you see is really what you get. It's our gleeful guarantee.

Authentic Designer Handbag

Authentication Process

Inside our castle, a diligent team of fairies embarks on a magical journey to inspect each and every item with utmost care and precision. With our keen eyes (and a little pixie dust), we examine the delicate stitching, the certificates that whisper secrets, the sparkling hardware, the exquisite materials, the mysterious serial numbers, codes, and the essence of quality woven into every piece. But the work does not stop there, for they possess a magical ability to uncover unique identifiers that brought forth the true essence of authenticity.

Once our fairies are satisfied and bestow their blessing upon a luxury item, the item travels far and wide to a globally recognised third party, known as Entrupy, whose wisdom and power in verification surpasses all others. There, under the watchful gaze of ancient wizards and sorcerers, the item undergoes state-of-the-art verification, where even the most cunning counterfeit magic is banished.

With this magical alliance between our fairies and Entrupy, you can rest assured that every product we offer has gone through a magnificent journey of scrutiny and independent verification. As a testament to its authenticity, you shall receive a wondrous Certificate of Authenticity (from Entrupy or Luxury Authentication Australia where the brand is not supported by Entrypy), recognised throughout all the realms, both in digital and printed form. And fear not, for this extraordinary gift comes to you at no extra cost, as a token of our commitment to your enchantment, delight and peace of mind.

About Entrupy

We have been bestowed with the honour of being an authorised and trusted reseller of designer goods. Our credibility soared to new heights as we gained the trust of Entrupy, a renowned authentication company hailing from New York.

Entrupy, armed with their mystical software and wise authentication experts, delicately examine each and every item that comes our way. They weave their spell of authenticity, offering patented solutions that ensured the goods are truly magical and as real as it gets.

To further strengthen this enchantment, we provide individual Certificates of Authenticity with every authenticated item. Each item also carries a unique digital footprint, a key to the realm of trust.

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Authentication Costs

Behold, for in this mystical realm, the assurance of authenticity comes at no extra cost for any items listed in our store. Within the enchanted walls of Twice Upon a Time, every item that graced its shelves had already undergone the most meticulous scrutiny to ensure its legitimacy. Oh, how the fairies of verification had diligently examined each garment and accessory, bestowing upon them their magical seal of authenticity. Thus, whether one sought a splendid gown or a humble yet exquisite handbag, the truth of their origin was unquestionable.

Even the most modest of our e-boutique's designer bags, priced at a mere $199 AUD, carry the precious gift of globally recognised authenticity, at no extra cost.

So, dear patrons of Twice Upon a Time, fear not the treacherous whispers of deception. As you venture into this realm of dreams, you can rest assured that your chosen treasures bear the mark of truth.

Authentication Service

We now proudly offer a standalone Luxury Authentication Service if you would like to have your own personal items assessed. Starting from from $45 AUD (standard luxury brands) to $95 AUD (Hèrmes items), we authenticate some of the worlds biggest luxury brands including Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, CHANEL, Coach, Céline, Chloe, Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Givenchy, Goyard, Gucci, Hermès, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, MCM, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Upon authentication, we will provide you with a globally recognised Certificate of Authenticity, giving you the confidence to privately sell your item.

For more information on our Luxury Authentication Services, please click here.