Twice as Nice Rewards

Our charming loyalty program allows you to embark on an enchanting quest to earn rewards and unlock special privileges. Wish Coins act as our currency for our program. They are enchanted tokens that are believed to have been granted by friendly fairies and magical creatures who bestow good fortune upon those who possess them. The more coins you accumulate, the higher your status within the program.

Progression and Rewards

As you amass Wish Coins, you will progress through different mystical tiers. Starting as a 'Charming Newcomer,' you will soon ascend to 'Radiant Royal' and ultimately reach the prestigious 'Enchanted Elite.'

You can use your Wish Coins for completing specific actions or reaching magical milestones, such as:

  • Signing up for the rewards program
  • Making a purchase
  • Referring a friend and;
  • Sharing your purchase on social media.

Each tier brings forth its own unique rewards, making every step of the journey twice as delightful.

Wish Coin Benefits and Redemption

Twice as Nice members are treated to bewitching benefits such as limited edition merchandise, early access to promotions, and top-secret invitations to events. You can redeem your Wish Coins for various rewards including discounts off our items.

There are delightful surprises along the way, and even the chance to win mesmerising giveaways and dreamy experiences. Top-tier members enjoy exclusive perks, such as private shopping events, early access to highly sought-after products, invitations to exclusive soirées... and much more!

Twice as Nice is not just a rewards and loyalty program; it's a captivating tale of fashion, dreams, and giving back. As you continue your magical journey with us, you can also contribute to a noble cause. You'll be given the option to donate your Wish Coins to support charitable initiatives that empower and uplift underprivileged communities, adding an element of altruism and magic to your shopping experience.

By weaving together the enchantment of fairy tales with the allure of pre-loved designer bags and fashion accessories, this program will ensure that you feel like the protagonist of your very own fashion story, where the rewards are always twice as nice.

Join Twice as Nice Rewards

Join our exclusive community by clicking down in the bottom right hand side of your screen on the pink button that says 'Rewards', where you'll be able to create and login to your account.

For any questions regarding our enchanting rewards program, please email