Snap, Share & Win Competition

Have you seen our pink Pixie van around SEQ? Are you ready for an adventure for the ages?

As the sun rose over South East Queensland hills, whispers spread across the kingdom of a remarkable contest that promised to blend the mundane with the extraordinary. Spot our magical car that has materialised within the pages of our own fairy tale. No ordinary chariot, Pixie shimmers with her magical glitter dusted roof, possessing the power to traverse the realms in her otherworldly goodness.

The Twice Upon a Time 'Snap, Share and Win' competition is a monthly extravaganza that invites all the adventurous Brisbane souls to embark on an enchanting quest  to capture little Pixie somewhere in the wild amongst the mystical South East Queensland landscape.

Snap, Share and Win with Twice Upon a Time

How to Play

Simply keep your eyes peeled for our elusive little pink Pixie van in the wild and once you spot Pixie, take a snap or film a video and post her to your favourite social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or LinkedIn and tag us @twiceuponatimebags.

Then click your heels three times and wait for the winner announcement on the last day of each month!

One lucky participant who successfully posted and shared it via their social media account will win an amazing prize pack. The monthly winner will be hailed a hero throughout the kingdom, and their name echoed by fairies and elves in praise of triumph. Their photo, forever enshrined on our web page and socials, serving as a testament to their extraordinary feat, inspiring future participants and generations of adventurers to follow in their heroic footsteps.

Monthly Prize Up For Grabs

We have sponsored a dazzling monthly prize including an Eftpos gift card and merch pack, valued at $250 AUD. Remember, each month is a fresh opportunity so gather your courage, sharpen your senses, and dive into the mystical realms to uncover the magical pink wonders hiding in plain sight!

So, dear seeker of enchantment, are you ready to embark on this captivating journey? May your eyes be keen, your hashtags be powerful, and your prize-winning dreams as boundless as the realms of magic themselves. Let the pink Pixie car spotting contest begin but be quick to spot her, or else you'll eat our pixie dust! Good luck! 🚗🧚‍♀️📸

twice upon a time pink van

For More Information

Read more about our pink Pixie van here. For competition Terms and Conditions click here.