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Prada Bag

Prada Bag

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This Prada Tessuto Fiocco handbag is sealed with the most adorable bow you've ever seen! It's like they captured the essence of cuteness and sprinkled it all over their limited collection, available in a selects colorus and unique shapes. And guess what's making them even hotter right now? The Y2K resurgence is bringing them back into the spotlight, making everyone go gaga for these beauties all over again.

But hold on, have you ever wondered why these nylon bags are so darn expensive? Well, Prada has the sassiest comeback for you. They said, "Hey, our nylon bags are pricier than leather ones because we invested a whopping four years to perfect our technique!" Talk about dedication, right? It's like they went on a fashion adventure, exploring every nook and cranny of the nylon world to create these luxurious pieces.

Fast forward to 2023, and these Prada nylon bags have become even more coveted than they were 40 years ago when they first hit the scene. They've earned their place among the handbag legends, rubbing shoulders with the likes of the iconic Hermes Birkin and the fabulous Fendi Baguette in the handbag hall of fame. Seriously, they're kind of a big deal!

Getting your hands on a vintage Prada bag in pristine condition is like finding a needle in a haystack. And let us tell you, stumbling upon a black vintage Prada bag in excellent condition is like finding a unicorn riding a rainbow. It's rare, it's magical, and it's the stuff fashion dreams are made of. So, treasure it, flaunt it, and let everyone know that you've got a true gem in your possession.

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The Details


Very good, pre-loved vintage condition. Handles are displaying visible signs of splitting, and this is the only issue with this otherwise excellent vintage bag.


Black bow embellishment. Spacious design with multipl compartments. Interior is lined with beautiful Prada monogram in black.


Globally recognised Certificate of Authenticit




$700 AUD.


Overall Height (including strap): 33cm.
Bag Only Height: 22cm.
Length: 40cm.
Depth: 16cm.
Handle Drop: 11cm.


Find out how to look after your latest treasure by reading our Care Guide here.

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