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Gucci Leather Bag

Gucci Leather Bag

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Don't @ us when we say that Tom Ford era Gucci, was the best era for the Italian fashion house. Seriously, it was off the charts! From 1994 to 2004, Ford unleashed a tsunami of sexiness and breathed new life into Gucci. Oh, and did we mention he saved them from the brink of bankruptcy? Yeah, the man is a legend!

Now, feast your eyes on this beauty we have here, straight from that glorious 'golden era.' It's a bag that screams style and oozes confidence. Picture it: buttery leather that feels like heaven, and a strap so thick and luxurious, it's like a gift from the fashion gods themselves. This bag is more than just a bag; it's a work of art where form and function come together in the most seamless way imaginable.

And don't you worry, this baby is in tip-top shape! It's pre-loved, but it's still rocking that unmistakable Gucci charm and in excellent condition. It's got all the signature marks of that iconic era when fashion design was at its peak. Trust us, you won't be able to resist its allure.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this piece of fashion history and make a statement like no other. This bag is a one-way ticket to the fabulous world of Gucci's heyday.

Psst! We've got a little secret to spill. Those fantastic products you see, proudly strutting their stuff with the Gucci here? Well, brace yourself, because they're not part of the deal. They're just here to lend a helping hand in the sizing and proportions department. Consider them the supermodels of our world, showcasing how our bags measure up and rock the fashion scene. So, while you won't be getting the whole shebang, you'll still get an eyeful of inspiration!

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The Details


Pristine, vintage condition with minimal signs of use. Given the buttery leather of this bag, there are imperfections in the leather itself which is to be expected and only adds to the gorgeous character of this timeless bag.


Tom Ford era design. Stunning plush black leather exterior and gorgeous black Gucci monogram fabric interior.


Globally recognised Certificate of Authenticity.




$1,500 AUD.


Overall Height (including strap): 51cm
Bag Only Height: 24cm.
Length: 26cm.
Depth: 6cm.
Handle Drop: 20cm.


Find out how to look after your latest treasure by reading our Care Guide here.

"Gucci is not a fashion or a design house, it was always a trademark."


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